You have an idea, and you know what you want to say. The problem is you don’t know how to say it. You are unsure about how to transform your thoughts and ideas into blog post, book, or article.

You do know you need to hire a copywriter to get your point across in a constructive manner. No matter what you will want to hire a writer with at least ten years of experience. You want someone who is reasonably priced, talented, and dedicated to their work.

I am skilled at using the power of the written word along with attention to detail to create content that leaves an impression. I specialize in helping you produce quality content at higher profit margins. By partnering with me, you can give yourself the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business.


  • Better rankings on Google will lead to increased visibility of your business online. Increased visibility occurs because quality content is prioritized in Google’s organic search.
  • Content creation allows you to increase the subscribers on your email list and is excellent for lead generation.
  • More activity on social media through sharing relevant content with your customers as opposed to adverts.
  • Hire me as your copywriter to develop high-quality content for your business.  I come armed with excellent grammar, perfect spelling, a knack for clarity. Plus I have over ten years of experience. I know what it takes to create content worth sharing. My process is straightforward and uncomplicated. There are no filler words; I cut to the chase and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to make your content go viral.


  1. Unique Content for Your Site
  2. Well Researched and Accurate Articles
  3. Written with SEO Goals in Mind
  4. Engaging Share-Worthy Content
  5. Articles that are Google Search Friendly
  6. Targeted Keyword Density
  7. Targeted Long Tail Keywords
  8. Comprehensive Latent Semantic Indexing


I am a graduate of The University of California, Los Angeles with a Degree in Cultural Geography. I know how your location in life (race, religion, economic status, etc.,) influences how you view the world. Many do not realize this, but Cultural Geography is the perfect marketing degree. It is all about demographics!


Writing is my passion. However, I also have skills for Social Media Management. I have worked on a variety of projects throughout my professional career. It all began with YouTube where I independently worked with cutting-edge musicians and helped them build their popularity through Social Media. I contributed to the early stages of Savannah Outen’s musical career. I showed Tiffany Alvord the benefit of producing high-quality professional content. I have also helped Angelika Vee build her reputation as a songwriter in Los Angeles.

From there, I joined the corporate world where I oversaw the marketing campaigns of two online casinos and an independent film. In all cases, the companies saw significant returns on their investments.

Today, I am a freelance writer and marketing consultant. While I specialize in new media marketing and self-improvement, I am a diverse writer and can supply you with content for just about any topic.

"Content is King" ~Bill Gates, 1996
“Content is King” ~Bill Gates, 1996

For over 20 years Bill Gates has recognized the importance of high quality content. Keyword stuffing and overusing the <h1> tag too much could potentially be harming your rankings rather than helping them.

The real trick is to a successful site is to provide high quality relevant content that makes an impact on your audience.

With high quality content, fast turnaround, and readability, you will make an impact on your audience.


  1. Do you offer free review copies? No, not at this time. Please review my portfolio in order to get a better idea of my writing skills. 
  2. Do you have discounts on Bulk Orders? I do! Order 10 articles or sign a monthly contract and get 10% off of your order.
  3. Who writes these articles? I personally write these articles. Nothing is outsourced. It is all done in-house.
  4. What is your turnaround time? On average 7 days is the turnaround time, but it can vary. I will quote you a turnaround time when you are placing the order depending on the quantity ordered so you know when to expect the work. If I am late delivering your order, I will offer a discount or give you credit for your next order.