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Action is More Important than Just a Motivation Synonym

Whether you are motivated or not, the catalyst for almost everything is action. Some believe that action is just another synonym for motivation, and that being motivated is enough. While being motivated definitely helps cultivate our actions, it is our actions alone that really change things. Taking action in your life can be difficult and challenging, but nothing ever happens if you don’t take action. Changing your life is a complex process, but by taking action we can keep the flow of our lives moving onward and upward. Here are some simple actions you can take to change your life for the better.

Reconnect With the Present 

Before you can take action, you need to make a conscious effort to stay in the present. When people are struggling with taking action, the cause is often that they are focusing on something that happened in the past or what they want in the future. This will distract you from actually taking action in the present. When you are thinking in the present, you will see the direct effect your actions have, and will motivate you to increase your action. When you’re focused on what’s happening right now, you’ll be able to take actions with littler effort and can decrease your stress level by taking things one at a time. If you’re having trouble with focusing your mind on the present, take a few seconds to close your eyes, breathe, and refocus yourself on what exactly you will see and do once you open your eyes. Remember, you’ll never achieve you’re future goals if you don’t act in the present.

Stay Away From “If”

Often, people don’t realize how they’re language effects their actions. Using words like “if” and “should” will decrease your chances at taking action. Stop thinking about the what-ifs, and the should-haves. These words won’t strike a call to action in yourself; they’ll only make you think that it’s acceptable to keep waiting to follow your dreams.  You can spend so much time thinking about what you want to do, but none of those matters unless you get up, take action and do it! Replace words that focus on the past or future with words that are present oriented. Instead of thinking what-if I did something; ask yourself how you can do something. Research what you want to do, and take each step towards you goal. Make a list based on your goal and try to set a timeline to accomplish it. When you focus more on how you’re doing something, you’re more likely to actually start. Stop spending time thinking about what you want; instead make a plan of action on how to get it.

Start Small 

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Nothing happens overnight.” Even though we all know that it’s not possible to accomplish all our lives goals in one day, sometimes we get discouraged when we have a big goal and it takes longer than expected to achieve. If you’re trying to start taking more action in your life, don’t immediately go to your biggest goal. Start with smaller things you’ve wanted to achieve. Clean your house, finally grow the garden you’ve wanted to do, start taking art lessons. By starting off with the smaller tasks that are easier to accomplish, you’re less likely to be discouraged. When you think something is too hard or think it will take too long, it’s easier to procrastinate. Once you’ve built up more confidence with small goals, start tackling the more difficult ones.

Never Give Up 

The most important thing when taking action is no matter how hard it gets or how tired you are, never give up! The fact that you’re taking action means that you’re one step closer to your dream than when you were waiting. Don’t throw everything that you’ve worked so hard on because of a minute of anxiety or a bad day. Remind yourself why you were taking action in the first place. You can conquer everything that gets in your way, and as long as you keep fighting for what you want, and keep taking action, you’ll be achieving your biggest goals in no time.

Even if you are motivated, to get anything done you need to take action. Good things don’t come to those who wait; they come to those who never stop trying. Even if you are afraid to fail, or aren’t confident in yourself, they only way to change that is to prove to yourself that you can do what you set your mind to.


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