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The Year of Taylor Swift: A Review of 1989

Taylor Swift 1989Over the years Taylor Swift’s CDs have sold millions of copies. She has showcased her talents at several events including impressive performances at the MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards, and The Grammys. It is no surprise that her highly anticipated album 1989, released on October 27th, 2014 has caught the positive attention of music critics and has been well received by radio stations. This is Swift’s first documented pop album.

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A Blast From The Past!

Hey What's Up Cupcake!? Today, I was browsing around on my computer and found some old pictures that I had taken over the course of a few years. It's amazing how time flies and what all happens in a short amount of time. So here is my first installment of "A Blast From the Past" … [Read More...]

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Hottest Fashions Under $50!

This is our Guide to the hottest fashions under $50! Everyone likes fashion and everyone likes being able to get a good deal on the fashion that they find. When the time comes to grab something off the shelves, you want to know not only if it is in at the time for fashion but if it is … [Read More...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

What's UpCupCake!? Just wishing everyone here a fantastic and lovely Thanksgiving. May everything go smoothly with your family today. I personally am thankful to have such loyal readers. I can't wait to re-launch this blog in January. We will be rocking out with a new layout as well as amazing … [Read More...]

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40 Dates for 40 Nights

Hey! What's Up Cupcake!?   My friend @jamymadison.created a blog with the challenge of going on 40 dates in 40 nights. 40 Dates and 40 Nights is an epic read. Some of my favorite posts are featured below: The World is a Stage Looking for Love on Tinder All Things Reconsidered Do not … [Read More...]

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Gemvara Jewelry!

Hey What's Up CupCAKE!? As a Graduation present (December 2013) my family decided they would get me some Jewelry to match my Gold & Blue Class Ring! So, just a few weeks ago, almost a full year since Graduation I got some amazing Gemvara Jewelry. The entire process was simple, quick, and … [Read More...]

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Never Forget 9/11/01

It is important to always remember what 9/11/01 means. Never forget. Ever. My heart goes out to all those who lost a loved one during this tragedy. No one should have ever experienced that and it is a tragedy. Take a moment of silence today, just to remember and pay your respects to all those who … [Read More...]