5 Party Tips Every Introvert Needs to Know

5 Party Tips Every Introvert Needs to Know

Everyone loves a party, right? Wrong. If you are a shy person, any big social gathering can cause anxiety. Even though you want to enjoy yourself, you may find it difficult to do so. Luckily, there are a few simple things that you can do the next time you get invited out.

Tip #1: Dress for To Impress

First and foremost, wear something that you know looks good and feels good to wear. Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to get ready, take a shower, and fix your hair just the way you like it. You already know that you have a tendency to be uncomfortable in social situations, so you don’t need something else that is going to cause you discomfort. Knowing that you look and feel your best going into a party is a big step in the right direction, making sure that you start your evening with as much self-confidence as possible.

Tip #2: Go Plus One

Even if you’re shy, you probably have an established circle of friends. Anytime you are invited to a party, find out if it is okay with the host if you bring a friend along. In many cases, they will be more than happy for another person to join you, and if your friend is more of a social butterfly than you are, he or she will help ease you into conversations and groups. Bringing a date works, as well, as long as you feel comfortable with that person.

Tip #3: Go Early or Late

Some shy people do better when they give themselves a few minutes to arrive before the crowd. By arriving a little early, you can find a chair, grab a drink and begin to relax right away. As people trickle in, conversation starting can be a little less intimidating. Conversely, you may be more comfortable arriving 10-15 minutes late, because it allows you to find people with whom you are comfortable already there rather than waiting for them to arrive.

Tip #4: Focus on Others

Lots of people go to parties and look to be the loudest, most interesting, and the most intelligent person there. Dealing with these personalities can be intimidating if you are shy because you may feel as though you don’t measure up. It might be worth noting that these types of people are probably nervous, too, and just deal with it in a different way. Instead of worrying about how you are perceived by others, why not find someone who is not engaged in conversation, asks him or

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her a simple question, and take it from there? Chances are there are other shy folks in the crowd who would love for you to break the ice.


Tip #5: Have Backups

One final way to help you deal with your shyness at a party is by having a planned excuse – real or otherwise – to give you host in case you cannot handle the pressure. You need to let your dog out. You have an early day tomorrow and need to get to bed. Whatever. You don’t have to use an excuse; just knowing that you have one in case your anxiety is too much for you will probably be enough to put you at ease for the rest of the event.