Why Haven’t You Signed Up for Cashback With Ebates?

Why Haven’t You Signed Up for Cashback With Ebates?

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I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials about Ebates.com and have checked out the site. However, if you have not signed up for this, why not? You are missing out on big money.

History & Facts

Two Deputy District Attorneys from the Silicon Valley, who used to prosecute online fraud and identity theft founded the website in 1998. They then decided to create a site that offered a cashback plan for online purchases. It turns out their idea was a huge success. Since 1998 Ebates has paid out upwards $325 million back to consumers and the site now is known to be the pioneer of online cashback shopping.

How it Works

Merchants pay Ebates to refer customers to shop at their stores. But with the money they are getting paid a big chunk of it comes right back to you the customer. You don’t have to pay anything to sign up it’s all 100% free membership, some of the merchants even offer you cash bonuses just for signing up. Another cool thing is that you can tell your friends and family all about Ebates, if they sign up you will also get a referral bonus. So not only are you helping them save money but your get paid to do it.

You can cash back on just about anything with over 2,000 plus support merchants participating in Ebates cash back service. Ebates also gives its members access to over 10,000 coupons. So, the savings just stack up. Many find this helps ease stress and keeps families financially stable, just by doing their major shopping online.


Your payouts will be once every three months with the choice of two ways to receive your money, choosing either a paper check by mail or using your PayPal account. But if you would rather give it to your favorite charity you have that option. But just remember no matter what you choose it’s all 100% free. Payouts out of percentage vary from 1% to 25%. Every store you shop at offers a different percentage of cash back.

Ebates also has a fantastic help and support team. So, if you have any questions, are wondering how things work, or run into a problem you can get in contact with a support agent.

The Huffington Post, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance  are just a few publications that have featured Ebates.

This is your opportunity to save money. So, why haven’t you signed up yet?