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"Content is King" ~Bill Gates, 1996
“Content is King” ~Bill Gates, 1996

For over 20 years Bill Gates has recognized the importance of high quality content. By keyword stuffing and overusing the <h1> tag you could potentially be harming rather than helping it.

The real trick is to a successful site is to provide high quality content that makes an impact on your audience.

With high quality content, fast turnaround, and readability, you will make an impact on your audience.

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The 3 Truths of Social Media Marketing

Typing “social media marketing” into Google, you will find thousands of results ranging from how-to guides to variety of hot social media tips. The problem many small business owners face is a lack of time and resources to dedicate to building a social media presence. Also, many businesses will make critical mistakes when building their brand. These three truths to a successful social media campaign will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and mistakes.

Truth #1: Quality over Quantity

It is common for small businesses to get distracted by the allure of a high number of followers. Some will even make the mistake of paying for followers on social media. The thing is it does not matter how many followers you have. What matters is how many of those followers are interested in your business. 100 dedicated followers are more beneficial than 1,000 followers with no interest in your business.

Truth #2: Less is More

Many new marketers fall victim to spreading themselves too thin by being on every social media network. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, and Tumblr are the most popular sites. That is a lot to keep up with on a day-to-day basis. The best piece of advice is to pick two or three networks that would benefit you most. For instance, a photographer might find that Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are the best networks for them. In comparison, a lifestyle blogger might have better success with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Targeting specific social media networks is a great way to build your brand while still having the time to handle other aspects of your business.

Truth #3: Valuable Content is King

You may have heard the phrase, “content is king,” and while that is true, new business bloggers will make the mistake of filing their blog with as much content as humanly possible without paying any attention to the quality of the content. The truth of the matter is having a well-written, and interesting article weekly will benefit you a lot more than having just anything posted on a daily basis. Poorly written content is unprofessional and is a good way to lose customers quickly. If you are providing something valuable to your audience chances are they are more likely to engage in your business through commenting and social media. Customers are also more likely to sign up for your mailing list.

Having a strategy for social media does not need to be a complicated mess. The best social media campaigns are engaging, fun, and entertaining. Having human relationships with your customers through social media can be quiet encouraging and enjoyable. You know a campaign is working when you receive positive feedback from your social media campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you offer free review copies?
Answer: Yes, we offer one test article of 250 words in length to each new customer.

Question: Do you have discounts on Bulk Orders?
Answer: We do! Order 10 articles and get the 11th free or place an order totaling $750 or more and get 10% off the ENTIRE order!

Question: Who writes these articles?
Answer: I write them. I also personally review and edit every article that comes across my desk before submitting it to you. So you are guaranteed quality.

Question: What is your turnaround time?
Answer: 2-4 Days is generally our turnaround time, but it varies – I will quote you a turnaround time when you are placing the order depending on the quantity ordered so you know when to expect the work. If we are late in the time we quoted you we will refund you 10% of your order or give you one free article – your choice.

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